The Reunion Committee has been working hard to find classmates and add them to our directory.

Click Here for the “Found” Classmates Directory   (Password Required)

The Directory will be updated as needed, so check back often.

Last Update 08/25/2014

Many thanks to all who have contributed by locating and adding classmates to our directory.

Special Thanks to:

  • Donna (Merrick) Burris and Ray Button for starting the directory
  • Tommy Padden, Sandy (Swaney) Freeman, Fran(Emery) Kauffman, Bill Grimm, and Kay (Looney) Deardorff for adding significantly to the numbers of classmates listed.
  • Bob Dibble for his work in keeping the directory updated as it grew.

Please use this directory to call or write classmates you have been thinking about. They would love to hear from you.

We are still missing contact information on more than half of our 776 classmates. At the 45th Reunion, a challenge was issued for everyone present to find at least two missing classmates. If we all work on this, we will be able to find everyone in time for our 50th Reunion!  Please take a look at the “LOST LIST” and help us!

NOTE: The file size of the lost list is quite large and will take a while to load unless you have a high-speed connection. If you’d like a Lost List with text only, (no photos),click here.

For additions or corrections, contact