45th Reunion

We Made It!!!

Our 45th Reunion took place October 15 & 16, 2010 and was a great success!

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A HUGE Ranger Thank You to the Reunion Committee:

John HouchinKay (Looney) Deardorff
Ray ButtonSandy (Swaney) Freeman
Tim SimsLinda (Queen) Bollinger
Bob DibbleEddie Mason
Joe BollingerMike Hulings
Jeri Ann (Brewer) ChurchwellDonna (Merrick) Burris
Cheryl (Holeman) SticeJerry B. Rhea
Dennis JohnsonEmmit Shampnoi
Claudia (Brown) CraftsDon Stewart
David FisherFran (Emery) Kauffman
Nita HaleyVal (Ruth Valentine) Bode

and everyone who helped by locating classmates, by sharing ideas and
making suggestions, and by offering their support!

Nathan Hale Class of 1965

  1965 Rangers in October 2010 – Photo by Jeannie Dibble

Nathan Hale Class of 1965

45th Reunion MIX & MINGLE

Were you there on October 15-16, 2010?


If you attended, the Reunion Committee wants to know what you think!

Please, let us know what we did right . . .  what we did wrong (be gentle) . . . and what we need to think about for our 50th Reunion in 2015!

Submit your comments below:

(if you’d prefer to not have your comments posted on the website, you can send to admin@hale1965.com with the word PRIVATE in the subject line )




  1. David Hansel says:

    Just wanted all of you on the committee to know how much I enjoyed the reunion and how much I appreciate all the hard work you put in to make it possible. I had a smile on my face the whole flight home just remembering the visits and stories with classmates I had not seen in a very long time. I loved the casual format where we could roam and visit and it seemed to me that everyone I met also enjoyed it very much. Again, thanks so much and I will look forward to the next one and hope we can find more people to attend. Take care all!!!

    Dave Hansel

  2. Bob Hunnes says:

    Hats off to the whole committee that planned this reunion!

    The casual format was exactly the right approach. It maximized the opportunity to talk with lots of people and kept the event affordable.

    Finding an $84 hotel room and a $30/couple admission in these times is unheard of. Somebody did some great sleuthing to find that combination of bargains. Even the golf was very reasonable and was a good format to bring together golfers (and us wannabe golfers) for a fun time.

    A few other thoughts for the Committee’s consideration ……………

    How could we get more participation next time …….. particularly from the large number of alumni who live within a 100 mile radius, but still did not attend? Could there be some kind of “scholarship” or “sponsorship” fund that folks could contribute to so that admission was actually at no direct cost to each of the attendees?

    The time of year seemed to work out very well in terms of hotel availability and it was a great season to visit Tulsa. I would not want to be there in July or August. Would it be practical to set the 50th date a year in advance so that foks could make long-term plans around the reunion?

    Could each of the current attendees locate just one or two of our missing alumni? That could give us a huge boost in numbers.

    Could we locate/invite teachers, coaches, counselors, etc for the 50th? Natural mortality rates mean that there is a diminishing pool of them that will still be living, but it might be a hoot to see some of them again.

    So thanks again for all of your efforts!! It was a great event.

    Bob Hunnes

  3. Ron Sease says:

    First, I have nothing but praise for all of the hard work and great planning that went into the reunion. I really enjoyed the casual format which actually enhanced the experience for me. The Hilton was a nice choice for a hotel and reasonably priced. Good location, too. Second, I have no criticism whether constructive or otherwise to add here. As far as I’m concerned, all of your efforts should be rated a 10 on a 10 scale. Great job! I want to thank you all of you so very much for the wonderful experience! -Ron Sease

  4. Paul Bishop says:

    I think the Committee did a great job! I loved the format for the golf & the Friday & Saturday night get togethers. The unstructured format on Fri & Sat night allowed me to visit a lot of classmates in an atmosphere that was easy to talk & hear what was being said. I think the Committee did a great job & the format was excellent. I want to thank each & every Committee member for all the hard work, planning & excellent execution of the reunion.

  5. Sam McCullough says:

    The reunion committee did a fantastic job. Everything was well planned. I really enjoyed the casual dress, unstructured format that allowed us to visit with so many people we had not seen in a few days. I agree with what others have already expressed, the reunion committe deserves nothing but praise.

  6. Janie Timberlake Taylor says:

    It was a perfect reunion! Thanks for all the hard work. I went back 45 years like it was yesterday and you can’t put a dollar amount on wonderful memories and dear friends.

  7. Ray Button says:

    Dear Classmates, Well it’s over and just starting; I mean our 45th has run its course, and it’s time to start thinking about the 50th. I know that 5 years seems in the far distant future, but so did 20 months ago when we first conceived a 45th. It has gone by so fast, and I have got to say for myself and the other committee members I’m sure glad it’s over. I fully enjoyed seeing everyone , remembering when, and recalling even some things I would rather forgot, but it was fun, old friendships were rekindled and some new ones got started. A special tribute was given to the ones we have lost, with a hope that no more will travel that road for a while. My thanks given to everyone that attended for making this reunion a success, with your help and just a little effort hopefully our 50th can be even better. I am here for your needs, if there should be anything I can help with just call. Thanks Button

  8. Penny Holbert says:

    Dear All,
    So sorry and Jenny and I missed the reunion. Health issues kept us away, but we will try to make the next one. It sounds like you had a wonderful time, filled with memories.

    Penny Holbert
    North Hampton, NH

  9. Pat Moubry Anderson says:

    The reunion committee did an outstanding job on all fronts — hotel, cost, food, entertainment, format. I had so much fun hunting for people I knew and had great conversations with the old friends I found. The format was perfect. i agree that music or a DJ would have made it more difficult to hear and to mingle. The only suggestion I have is that someone might set up a Nathan Hale Class of 1965 Facebook page that we could use for more casual communications between now and the next reunion. Thanks for all of your hard work!! Pat 202-352-8978

  10. Robin Lopp says:

    Thanks to all the committee and any others who put this all together.
    The idea of the mixer was a great plan, and I for one really enjoyed it.
    Seeing so many of people that I have not seen since graduation, and
    visiting at our own pace. I think this was even bettter than our 30th. Thanks again. Robin Lopp—–HALE TO THE RANGERS!!!!!!

  11. annie (washburn) callaway says:


    Thanks to all of you who worked so hard to put on a great party…it was truly memorable. I am so glad I came and wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

    One suggestion for next time: I missed some really great rock n’ roll music to dance to…a really good sound system with some rockin’ tunes would be greatly appreciated. They don’t have to be 60’s music in my opinion…how about stuff like Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in The USA”????
    Let’s Rock next time!!!!!! Til then,

  12. Paul Tucker says:

    Thanks to the committee for doing a great job. I especially liked the Geritol punch. It helped me stay up past my usual bedtime of 7 p.m. This was my first reunion. It was strange seeing people I hadn’t seen in 45 years. No one has addressed me as “Smiley” in at least 40 years. Seeing Eddy Ott whom I remember from Franklin at least 53 years ago makes me feel old. Time flies when you’re having a life, I guess.

    ~Paul Tucker

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